Jamielee Braun


Jamielee Braun, Office Manager and Paralegal, Your Go-To Point of Contact at Hobson Guadalupe Law, PLLC.

Hello and welcome! I'm Jamielee, and I'm proud to serve as the Office Manager and one of the two Paralegals at Hobson Guadalupe Law, PLLC. As the main point of contact for our esteemed firm, I play a crucial role in ensuring our clients receive attentive and compassionate level of service and support. 

My journey to becoming a paralegal has been nothing short of diverse. I've worn many hats in various fields, gaining a wealth of experience that I now bring to the legal world. From business management, customer service, education with special needs children, to the dental field, my background has equipped me with a unique perspective that allows me to better understand and address our clients' needs. 

One constant throughout my career has been my unwavering passion for helping people. Whether it is guiding clients through legal processes, offering advice, or simply lending a compassionate ear, I am committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. Your legal concerns are my top priority, and I am dedicated to helping find the best solutions for you. 

In today's digital age, accessibility and convenience are paramount. Another feather I have tucked in my hat, is that I am a Texas Online Notary Public, which again helps me to ensure that our clients can access support from the comfort of their homes or offices. Whether you have questions, need assistance with documentation, or notarizing important documents in your case I am here to assist you efficiently and effectively.

Beyond my professional life, I have a deep affection for my family, happy to be a “Boy-Mom,” including my two boy Poodles! In addition, I am honored that I have been blessed to be a mom of an Autistic child, as our journey has been so insightful for me, and has taught me to find grace for even the hardest situations life throws at us. Gardening and Houseplants are a passion and past time for me, so if you are ever in need to have a chat with a fellow Plant Lady, I would love to talk!

Thank you for considering Hobson Guadalupe Law, PLLC. for your legal needs. I look forward to the opportunity to assist you and provide the dedicated service that you deserve. Please feel free to reach out anytime—I'm here to help! 

Jamielee Braun 
Office Manager and Paralegal
Hobson Guadalupe Law, PLLC. 

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